No 140 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Theory and history of state and law

Constitutional Process under Ukrainian Central Council (1917–1918) PDF (Українська)
Анатолій Іванович Козаченко 8-16
Conceptual bases of the development of the Directorate of UPR: discussions on the parliamentary and soviet authorities models PDF (Українська)
Світлана Леонідівна Гоцуляк, Юрій Дмитрович Древаль 17-25
The legal system of Ukraine: the domestic legal tradition and the problems of transformation PDF (Українська)
Кирил Степаненко 26-34

Constitutional Law

Higher legal education: problematic aspects determining the content of concept in current legislation PDF (Українська)
Олександр Сергійович Пироженко, Владислав Ігорович Шкурко 35-43
The concept and content of the constitutional right to education PDF (Українська)
Оксана Сергіївна Якушина 44-52

Civil Law

Right on Post-trial Access to Investigational Treatment PDF (Українська)
Dmytro Lurye 53-60


The solicitation of an undue advantage: theoretical and practical problems caused by the legislative virus, and their comprehensive solution PDF (Українська)
Василь Миколайович Киричко 61-77
The correlation between diversion (Article 113 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and terrorist act (Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) PDF (Українська)
Андрій Сергійович Климосюк 78-92
Foreigners’ and stateless persons’ crime in Ukraine: the results of law enforcement officers’ survey PDF (Українська)
Аліна Владиславівна Калініна 93-103


Politics or law: what is more in the approaches of public expert monopoly? PDF (Українська)
Оксана Михайлівна Калужна 104-120

Economic law

Foreign economic transactions with scrap metal: economic and legal aspects PDF (Українська)
Артем Романович Шимко 121-130

International law

Separatism in the United Europe: old problem with a new face PDF
Ivan Vasylovych Yakoviyk, Marina Georgievna Okladna, Roman Ruslanovich Orlovskyy 131-143
The Court of Justice of the European Coal and Steal Community as Prototype of the Court of Justice of the EU PDF (Українська)
Тетяна В’ячеславівна Комарова 144-153
International mechanisms for the protection of the right to life in armed conflicts PDF (Українська)
Iurii Usmanov 154-162


Legal nihilism. Search for the grounds in national history PDF (Українська)
Ольга Кузьмівна Бурова 163-174


Reversal burden of proof on corruption in Indonesia PDF
Hibnu Nugroho 175-182