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Author Guidelines

Accepted for publication in the academic journal of scientific papers are  articles representing original work not previously published. The papers should be written on an up-to-date topic, contain the results of in-depth scientific research, novelty and substantiation of scientific conclusions in accordance with the stated purpose.

All articles are checked for plagiarism by the system Strikeplagiarism 

All articles are reviewed by members of the editorial board or leading experts in the relevant field. The review is conducted confidentially. In case of negative reviewsreview or substantial remarks, the article may be rejected or returned to the author (s) for revision. After the author has made changes in accordance with the comments of the reviewer, the article is sent to the printer.

In the case of a negative review or the existence of material comments, the article may be rejected or returned to the author (authors) for revision. After the author makes changes to the comments of the reviewer, the article is signed for printing.

On receipt of the notice of compliance of the article with the set of requirements the following accompanying materials are submitted personally or sent by non-registered letter to the University address (Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Editorial and Publishing Department of Scientific Publications, Pushkinska st., 77, Kharkiv, 61024,Ukraine):

– the manuscript which is identical to the electronic version, signed by the author on the last page;

– the extract from the minutes of the department meeting of the educational institution (Scientific and Methodological Council of the institution) at the place of employment (study) of the author with the recommendation for publication of the material;

– the review of a Doctor/Candidate of Sciences with a degree in specialty corresponding to the specialist field of the edition with indication of his scientific degree, academic rank, and place of employment;

– abstract (summary) in English in electronic and paper form;

– the licensing agreement of the author (or co-authors) to place the article on the Internet (download);

– the photo of the author (co-authors) of the article, size – 4×5,5 with the extension * .jpg, quality 600×600 dpi.

2. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject materials, return them for improvement, abridge and edit. If necessary, the manuscript of the article can be send for review to the members of the Editorial Board. Materials submitted with violations of the stated requirements are not published and will not be returned to the authors. Scanned or photographed charts, figures, tables, etc. shall not be used.

Technical requirements:

– the text of the article should be typed using the text editor WORD (version 1998 – 2003) for WINDOWS, font Times New Roman № 14, line spacing 1.5, margins: left –3 cm, right –1.5 cm, top and bottom –2 cm(for accompanying materials).

Example (download)

Requirements for English abstract:

- Volume from 100 to 250 words

- Informativeness (not to contain common words)

- Originality (not to be a copy of the Russian summary)

- Content richness (to reflect the main content of the article and research results)

- Structuredness (to follow the logic description of the results in the article)

Requirements for the structure of the articles:


"Introduction" should give a fairly good description of the problem and research area of the article in order that researchers, even outside this subject area, could understand this article


This section is a literature review, which should cover the parts of the problem, unsolved by other scientists, studied by the authors, and to state the reasons and necessity of the research, formulation of the purposes and objectives of the author's research follows from the literature review. In this section, the author should indicate not only the works that support the results of his research, but also the works that contradict them, if any, as well as the works that will highlight the scientific novelty of the problem considered in the article.


In this section, the authors should clearly state the purpose of the research (which is revealed in the literature review as the parts of the problem unsolved by the other scientists) and objectives of the research, the solution of which, according to the authors, is required to achieve the purpose of the research.

- THE MAIN PART (give the title that reflects the essence of the article)


In this section, the authors should summarize their research. Also, in this section the authors can offer where the results can be used in practice.


In this section, the authors should compare the results of their research with those of other research, briefly describe the research limitations and weaknesses, describe how the research results may be useful in this subject area and how can researchers from other subject areas apply the results, how the results may be useful to the general public, describe how these results generalize the results of previous researches.

If the results are preliminary, it should be described what further research can be carried out or are planned.

In the end, you should specify once again the main general conclusions of this work.


Requirements for the list of references:

Bibliography is made according to State Standards of Ukraine (DSTU GOST 7.1:2006) and in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, form 23 (Higher Attestation Commission Bulletin. – 2009. – № 5). The number of sources used in the materials shall not exceed 15.

Also, the bibliographic description is made according to the international standard APA (see the sample)

The Editorial Board recommends references in bibliography to the articles published in the scientific collections having global citation index (Scopus, Web of Science). Moreover, it is recommended to familiarize with the works of scholars of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University on the theme of the article. They are available on the website of the University Library, V.I. Vernadsky National Library of the National Academy of Sciences ofUkraine or in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) System by searching for key words.

Video instructions for submitting an article


The Collection of Scientific Papers is published four times a year.

The deadlines for submitting papers are the following:

• the first issue: February, 15 (posting on the site – March of the current year);

• the second issue: May, 15 (posting on the site – June of the current year);

• the third issue: August, 20 (posting on the site – September of the current year);

• the fourth issue: November, 15 (posting on the site – December of the current year).

All articles are published on a fee basis. The cost of 1 page is 36 UAH.

The maximum volume of the article is 18 pages, the cost is 648 UAH.

License Type: CC BY


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. This manuscript had not been published and submitted for consideration to the editors of other journals (or necessary explanations are given below in comments to the editor).

  2. File of the manuscript is a document in the format of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF.


Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses, specified by the users of the journal website, will be used exclusively for internal technical problems of this journal; they will not be distributed and shared with third parties.