No 135 (2016)

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Table of Contents

Theory and history of state and law

Action in time of judicial legal provision in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Олексій Віталійович Пушняк 8-18
The Specific Features of the Private Law Regime for the Regulation of Social Relations PDF (Українська)
Ірина Олександрівна Соколова 19-29
Constitutional laws in the Visegrad countries PDF (Українська)
Наталия Васильевна Попович 30-38

Civil law and civil procedure

Contract Interpretation: Brief Overview from the Standpoint of International and Trans-National Instruments PDF (Українська)
Богдан Петрович Карнаух 39-51
Use of copyrighted objects in advertising in the context of problems of exclusive rights exhaustion PDF (Українська)
Андрій Миколайович Євков 52-59
The mechanism to contribute during the establishment of a commercial company PDF (Українська)
Фатіма Магомедівна Ханієва 60-69

Land law. Agricultural law. Environmental law

Grounds of origin of property right on the objects of fauna: separate theoretical and practical aspects of determination in the sphere of aquiculture PDF (Українська)
Володимир Володимирович Шеховцов 70-76
The Red Book of Ukraine of endangered species as an effective mechanism of biodiversity: certain application problems PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Вікторівна Єрмолаєва 77-85
Some issues of legal regulation of investment activity in agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Viktoriia Valeriivna Panchenko 86-94
Environmental enterprising in the ecological system of relations: the problem of the legal institutionalization PDF (Українська)
Дмитро Дмитрович Задихайло 95-103
Soil as the subject of legal protection according to the Constitution of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Оксана Олегівна Родік 104-112
Legal regulation of the Ukrainian national ecological network formation as the component of European ecological network PDF (Українська)
Руслан Анатолійович Гольонко 113-123

Criminal law and сriminology. Penitentiary law

Victim behavior of crime victims PDF (Українська)
Богдан Миколайович Головкін 124-135
Current Situation with Organized Crime in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Olena Shostko 136-146
Modern terrorism as a social phenomenon: nature and forms PDF (Українська)
Володимир Вікторович Мокляк 147-156
Corruption in the private sector and the role of the public in its prevention PDF (Українська)
Андрій Володимирович Білецький 157-166
Specially-criminological prevention of the homicide for mercenary motives PDF (Українська)
Юлія Олексіївна Оберемко 167-178
Requirements of the European Union regarding adaptation of criminal legislation of Ukraine to the EU law in relation to confiscation of property PDF (Українська)
Оксана Іванівна Бідна 179-188
Cooperation of criminal and executive inspection in case of control with police authorities when receiving information about bringing of the convicted to administrative and criminal responsibility PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Валеріївна Чабаненко 189-195

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

On ways of improving national criminal procedure law in the fight against terrorism PDF (Українська)
Роман Федорович Черниш 196-203
The participation of a specialist during interrogation PDF (Українська)
Вікторія Олегівна Яремчук 204-211
Some issues of the ensuring of rights and legal interests of persons at the interrogation by the videoconference at the pre-trial investigation PDF (Українська)
Денис Олександрович Шингарьов 212-224
Legislative flaws: characteristic features and separation from other legal phenomena PDF (Українська)
Elena Leiba 225-233

Judiciary. Prosecution and advocacy

On the question of pluralism within the meaning of the concept of «advocacy» and its comparison to the term «lawyer» PDF (Українська)
Віктор Вікторович Заборовський 234-244

Linguistic support of educational activities

Case studies as one of the communication methods of foreign language teaching law students PDF
Людмила Олександрівна Голубнича 245-253
Social and historic conditionality of the concepts of law and their representation in fiction PDF
Ксенія Вікторівна Нестеренко 254-262