No 131 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Theory and history of state and law

«M. M. Kovalevsky’s historical and comparative method in the context of structural and functional analysis» PDF (Українська)
Денис Анатолійович Шигаль 3-14
Courts of customary law in the post-soviet states: history and the current situation PDF (Українська)
Сергій Володимирович Васильєв 15-25
Improvement of national legislation in alternative resolution of legal disputes area PDF (Українська)
Ярослав Павлович Любченко 26-32

Constitutional Law

Classification of the values of the constitutional order in the constitution of Ukraine: theoretical aspects PDF (Українська)
Євген Владиславович Реньов 33-42

Civil law and civil procedure; economic law

Іnheritance of money and right on deposit in a financial institution PDF (Українська)
А. М. Ісаєв 42-52
Law consequences of invalidity in a succession law PDF (Українська)
Василь Іванович Крат 53-61
Simplified proceeding as a civil procedure model PDF (Українська)
Олексій Юрійович Зуб 62-70
The scope of economic relations in the legaland legislative regulation PDF (Українська)
Юлія Остапенко 71-78

Environmental Law

Environmental and legal science: current state and prospects of development PDF
Anatoly Getman 79-88


Improved sectoral legislation, rules which define the administrative audit framework in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
В. І. Томіна 89-98


Background of the system analysis of crime prevention of properties of criminality PDF (Українська)
Валерій Федорович Оболенцев 99-106
The definition of the sources of the criminal law PDF (Українська)
Анна Суренівна Сохікян 107-115
Vandalism is a manifestation of an aggressive behavior PDF (Українська)
Карина Анатоліївна Бочарова 116-123
The role and place of international organizations in the settlement of armed conflicts in the southeast of Ukraine (legal aspects) PDF (Українська)
Ігор Володимирович Євтушенко 124-132

International law

Institute of confidential cooperation in the USA: organizational and juridical aspect PDF (Українська)
Іван Іванович Мусієнко, Євген Євгенович Гречин 133-144
Debatable questions of the lawyer’s responsibilities definition in the court: the foreign doctrine PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Борисівна Вільчик 145-155

Philosophy of Law

Formation of ideal of legal personality PDF (Українська)
Віта Олександрівна Сліпенчук 156-167


Realizing of new approaches to foreign language teaching in higher legal educational establishments PDF
V. P. Simonok 168-175
What does the future hold for legalese PDF
І. А. Cемьонкіна, О. О. Ходаковська 176-183