Vandalism is a manifestation of an aggressive behavior

Карина Анатоліївна Бочарова


A lot of deviant behavior manifestations regarding cultural, historical, social and educational objects of property valuable for the population and state appeared on the territory of the modern urban areas. It should be taken into account that the demonstrations of aggression and a deviant behavior constitute a system of acts committed by an individual or by some destructive groups that deviate from the generally accepted rules. At the same time, every act of an individual is a conscious action, act of self- determination, where a person affirms himself/herself as a personality in relations to another person, to himself/herself, social groups or society. In recent years, violence and cruelty among the population and destructive behavior of young people and teenagers arose consequently the number of vandalism acts increased.

This article defines the concept, the nature and types of vandalism as an aggressive illegal behavior. The necessity of differentiating vandalism as a separate object is caused by the fact that vandal’s acts acquire a special social meaning.

Since the appearance of the first work on this topic the main task of social researchers was to determine vandalism motives. Our paper analyses two main types of classification vandalism depending on reasons and motives. As a rule all of them are motivated by hooligan, selfish, emotional, national, racial, religious and sexual grounds. Vandalism is one of the forms of the person’s destructive behavior that is expressed in deliberate breaking tangibles.

So, while studying this phenomenon a special attention is paid to the fact how the peculiarities of space and design influence the possibility to perceive and control the behavior of persons committing vandal acts.


illegal behavior; vandalism; manifestations of vandalism; prevention of vandalism; aggression; aggressive behavior;


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