Improvement of national legislation in alternative resolution of legal disputes area

Ярослав Павлович Любченко


Problem setting.

Current legislation does not adequately regulate using of alternative dispute resolution. The article emphasizes the need for amending existing legislation to ensure its compliance with international standards, its obligations in connection with the signing of the Association Agreement and ensure efficient use of alternative dispute resolution (hereinafter - ADR) party relations.

Recent research and publications analysis. Problems of alternative dispute resolution were viewed in their works viewed N. Bondarenko-Zelinska, Y. Pritika, O. Spectr, A. Shypilova, V. Yakovleva and others.

Paper objective

The article goal is to analyze the proposals of the Constitutional Commission in the field of justice, as well as analysis of bills related to ADR, research of problems of legal regulation, which will help optimize procedures and improve the law in general.

The paper main body.

Realization of economic, political, governmental, legal and other reforms in society lead to a significant strengthening of social and legal tensions, the emergence of a large number of conflicts in the legal field. Traditionally, parties use courts that are organized and funded by the state in order to protect rights and legal interests. However, justice for many obvious advantages has several disadvantages: a large workload of courts, length and complexity of the proceedings, considerable legal costs not properly worked out mechanism of the principle of competition and equality.

Conclusions of the research.

Problems of alternative dispute resolution in domestic legal literature are mostly synthesis and theoretical. Various alternative forms, procedures, and methods are used by foreign countries, along with the traditional proceedings. They do not replace justice and do not deprive the persons right for judicial protection. Instead, give them a choice between public or non-governmental (private) forms of resolving legal disputes, allowing parties to decide which type of procedures will help to resolve specific legal dispute.


arbitration; mediation, bill; legislation; alternative dispute resolution; court branch of law; execution of court decision


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