No 122 (2013)

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Table of Contents

Problems of the law theory

Relatnions between the legal system and other legal notions PDF (Українська)
М. Г. Хаустова 3-16
Aristotle's hermeneutic model: the legal thinking and the theory about judgement PDF (Українська)
І. В. Гетьман 17-23

The issue of state building, constitutional, civil and international law

Mass actions in the context of pre-election campaigning PDF (Українська)
В. Є. Шеверєва 24-30
Executive power and governance: value concepts PDF (Українська)
Є. А. Гетьман 31-40
Current problems of state policy support to the ukrainians abroad PDF (Українська)
О. Г. Кушніренко 41-48
The form of donation contract PDF (Українська)
А. М. Ісаєв 49-56
Analysis division civil relations into absolute and relative PDF (Українська)
В. В. Надьон 56-64
Principles of law policy in the private intrnational law PDF (Українська)
А. А. Степанюк 64-74
Objective features of international intergovernmental organizations PDF (Українська)
Ю. В. Щокін 74-84

The issue of administrative and financial law

Functions and principles of organization of the Ukrainian Armed Forces PDF (Українська)
С. Ю. Поляков 85-96
The law of Ukraine «On protection of personal data»: problems and ways to improve PDF (Українська)
О. Б. Червякова 96-106
Administrative and legal regime of licensing in narcotics trafficking PDF (Українська)
О. М. Шевчук 106-115
The question for release subsectors in the financial law PDF (Українська)
О. А. Лукашев 115-121

Problems of criminal, criminal executive law and criminology

Features of subject of the crimes foreseen by Art. 298 of CC of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
В. В. Базелюк 122-130
The legislation on protection of juvenile from tortur end ill treatment PDF (Українська)
М. В. Романов 131-141
Improvement of application and enforcement of the sentence in the form of arrest by amending the criminal code of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
К. А. Автухов 142-150
Criminal responsibility for illegal intervention in the work of court’s automatical flow of documents: analysis of the basic elements of crime PDF (Українська)
В. А. Козак 151-158
Prison antropogogy: its content and role in a positive significant impact on criminological persons persons being sentenced to prison PDF (Українська)
М. Ю. Валуйська 158-166
Problems of implementation of tactical operations and formalization of criminal proceedings PDF (Українська)
В. М. Шевчук 167-173

The problems of the judiciary and prosecutors

Principle of stability of the judicial system PDF (Українська)
Л. М. Москвич 174-181
Establishment and development perspectives of judges’ self-government in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
О. О. Овсяннікова 181-195
Procedure of appeal of decisions of the Higher Qualification Commission and the Higher Council of Justice of Ukraine in the cases of liability of judges PDF (Українська)
О. М. Овчаренко 196-207
Legal nature of an accusatory speech of the prosecutor and requirement to it PDF (Українська)
А. В. Лапкін 207-215

The first steps in science

Problamatic questions of the legal status of the urban village as an administrative-territorial unit PDF (Українська)
В. С. Штефан 216-223
About direct object offense under art. 2392 CC of Ukraine (misappropriation of lands of water fund in especially large amounts) PDF (Українська)
М. В. Кумановський 224-233
Historical overview of penal institutions of imprisonment in the period from the earliest times to 1917 PDF (Українська)
К. С. Ізосімова 234-239
State of scientific development issues identity of a minor selfish and violent criminals PDF (Українська)
М. О. Маршуба 240-250
The standards of the prisoner’s rights restrictions in the practice of the european court of human rights PDF (Українська)
В. О. Човган 251-258
Features and functions legitimacy context functioning of the judiciary PDF (Українська)
С. В. Гладій 259-266
The problem of defining the subject of a criminal assault in the area of drug trafficking PDF (Українська)
Ю. М. Ігнатенко 267-273
Powers of the committee of ministers of the council of europe in accordance with article 46 of the European convention on human rights PDF (Українська)
Д. В. Аббакумова 274-281