Realization of strategy of public influence on criminality in foreign countries




prevention of criminality, counteraction to criminality, public, public influence on criminality


Problem setting. Actuality of the article consists in that now the comparative researches of criminology, devoted to the study of progressive international experience of prevention of criminality at participation of public, failing in science.

Paper objective. The aim of the scientific article is a decision of basic modern directions of prevention of criminality from bringing in of public in the different countries of the world.

Paper main body. The analysis of materials of a 13 Congress of the UNO from prevention of criminality and criminal justice grounds to distinguish such directions of realization of strategy of public influence on criminality:

–        study of the condition of local criminality;

–        prevention of recurrent criminality;

–        public law enforcement;

–        grant of free legal help;

–        financial encouragement of public for its payment in the matter of prevention of criminality;

–        use of facilities of communication in prevention of criminality;

–        other directions of activity.

The input of the indicated directions of activity the row of factors interferes with: 1) limit nature of knowledge about an order and terms of application of strategy of public influence on criminality; 2) absences of traditional benevolent relations between a police and local population; 3) insufficiencies of political will on expansion of subjects of prevention of criminality; weak development of subdivisions of public law enforcement; 4) absences of legislation in the field of defense of the citizens involved in the guard of law and order; 5) insufficiency of the use of public alternatives to imprisonment; 6) limitation of the use of workers of services of probation in relation to a supervision after behavior of persons, what punishments released from serving is with a test.

Conclusions. The use of progressive international experience in realization of strategy of public influence on criminality in Ukraine will assist budgetary cost effectiveness, improvement of partner relations between a police and citizens.

Author Biography

М. Г. Колодяжний, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Candidate of Law Sciences, Assistant of Department of Criminology and penal law


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