Legal and regulatory aspects of optimization comprehensive support service and combat activity of the Security service of Ukraine and the National guard of Ukraine emergency social situation




legislative environment, service and military activity, law enforcement forces, social emergencies


Problem setting. The status of comprehensive support of military units in the world’s leading powers is considered to be one of the key factors which defines the success of the social emergency settling operations.

The experience of service and military application of the National Guard of Ukraine in the anti-terrorist operation zone on the South-East of Ukraine shows that emergency response tasks are generally carried out in cooperation with other Ukrainian security sector authorities, mostly with the Security Service of Ukraine. However, the forces joint managing authority chiefs usually do not cover the matter of such activities’ comprehensive support, which forces the commanders of the military units to rely on themselves in this question.

Recent research and publications analysis. The analysis of research of status and development prospects of the comprehensive support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other security authorities, armies of the world’s leading powers, peculiarities of creation and functioning of such systems, application of their means and powers, scientific thought on the problems of service and military application of the National Guard units has shown the problematic tasks of the joint unit comprehensive support system optimization. Therefore, the question of regulatory and legal support of this process is of current importance.

Paper objective. The objective of this paper is to define regulatory and legal aspects of comprehensive support optimization of the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine service and combat activities during social emergencies.

Paper main body. According to the current legislation, comprehensive support comprises of the following types of support: operative (also called military), moral and psychological, materiel (logistical). All other types of support are parts of these three basic ones. Their examination is necessary due to the fact, that there is confusion in the legislation regarding the classification of support types.

A clear gradation of the support types is required for effective comprehensive support of the law enforcement forces service and combat activities while performing social emergencies response tasks. This question particularly arises during collateral execution of service and military tasks by different authorities, for example, joint duties of National Guard of Ukraine and Security Service of Ukraine personnel. The most problematic of the abovementioned now is the materiel support.

The special operation materiel support should be headed by a National Guard of Ukraine officer, as National Guard military units and subdivisions, unlike the Security Service of Ukraine units or other law enforcement forces, have assigned materiel subdivisions, trained specialists and are able to rapidly deploy logistics objects.

The use of contemporary IT is one of the means of comprehensive support optimization, in particular: use of mobile computer equipment in field conditions, application of modern geoinformational technologies, implementation of electronic data exchange, introduction of up-to-date digital communication.

In order to augment the materiel support, effective public anti-corruption policy has to be established during tender supplies purchases for the security and defense sector; legislative environment on public-private partnership in the state defense field has to be improved, considering foreign experience and mistakes of outsourcing implementation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Conclusions of the research. Following regulatory and legal measures need to be taken: conduct a statutory regulation of centralization of comprehensive support of joint activities of Ukrainian security and defense sector authorities during social emergencies settlement; enhance the legislative environment of the tender purchases system in order to minimize corruptive abuse and reduce the bureaucratic component; form a unified legal framework for orders planning, weapons and military equipment delivery and exploitation and other support types.

Author Biography

В. В. Мацюк, Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs

Competitor of department of tactical and special training of faculty of training for police units of public safety


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