The Specifics оf Citizens` Participation іn Public Administration Under the Martial Law іn Ukraine




public administration, martial law, electronic petition, citizens participation


Topicality. The article is devoted to the peculiarities of citizens' participation in public administration under the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, introduced starting from February 24, 2022, which continues until now. The subject of the study is the tools of public influence on the state management process, which are relevant in the current conditions of existence of Ukraine and are actively used. The content of the article combines the analysis of current national legislation and the practice of its implementation in this area.

The purpose of the article. The author aims to determine the specifics of the interpretation of the concept of "public administration" in the conditions of martial law, to analyze the actual mechanisms of citizen participation in public administration.

Research methods. The research will use general scientific and special methods of scientific knowledge. For the most part, the purpose and tasks of the research involve the analysis and synthesis of information obtained from the outlined sources, the comparison of the tools of citizen participation in public administration in terms of their effectiveness, as well as the formulation of the author's conclusions on certain issues, providing recommendations for theoretical and practical use.

Results. The article examines the tools of public participation in management, which are used both at the initiative of citizens themselves and at the initiative of state bodies and local self-government bodies. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the role of digital means of influencing citizens on decision-making by authorized entities at the national and regional levels. The implemented online survey mechanism through the Diya portal was considered. The advantages and disadvantages of this form of citizen participation in public administration are determined. In addition, the author analyzed the shortcomings of the legal regulation of electronic appeals in Ukraine, as well as the existing practice of publicizing and reviewing petitions.

The significance of the results. Based on the conducted research, the article formulates conclusions and provides recommendations for improving the legal regulation of citizens' participation in public administration and the practice of implementing the norms of legislation on public participation.


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