Ensuring food sovereignty in modern conditions of challenges and threats





economic sovereignty, food sovereignty, food security, globalization, economic integration, EU, Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war


Food security issue is extremely important in many parts of the world. It is no coincidence that the right to food is enshrined today at the level of international and national law. The agenda of sustainable development of individual states and the whole world is formed taking into account the fact that there are new challenges and threats to economic security (rising food prices, financial crises, climate change and related weather shocks, wars), which lead to significant changes in the production, distribution and consumption of food worldwide. They must be resolved if we want to live in a world based on food security. Food sovereignty is an important element in fighting against poverty. The Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022 led to the closure of ports, the cessation of oilseed processing, and the introduction of export and licensing restrictions and bans on certain crops and food. The main problems that need to be resolved in the context of food security include: disruption of spring sowing; availability of agricultural labor; availability of agricultural resources, especially fuel; obstacles in logistics and food chains; restrictions on access to agricultural land; damage to crops as a result of hostilities; destruction of the infrastructure of the food system. In this paper the author tries to answer the most acute problems of food security in the context of globalization and regional integration, as well as the Ukrainian-Russian war.


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