Normative regulations to provide functions of anti-corruption bodies of Ukraine




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The article states that by this time the issue of normative provision of anti-corruption activity was studied and analyzed by scientists on the basis of rapidly changing legislation, based on this it is proved that urgent and necessary is a detailed study.

It is established that the adopted anti-corruption strategy for 2014-2017 provides for not only the comments made by international institutions, but also the provision of proposals on the state of corruption and its outspread. It is substantiated that the distinctive feature of the current strategy is the separation of the risk area in the anti-corruption policy of the state and the implementation of the proposals on the elimination of corruption elements in the process of state-building, as well as taking into account the shortcomings of the previous ones.

Adoption of the Anticorruption Strategy allowed the creation of new anti-corruption bodies that exist in the European Union in accordance with the requirements and norms on the basis of which the fight against corruption is being conducted. At the same time, it is noted that the adoption of new or improvement of existing laws does not guarantee the effective conduct of such activities.

Author Biography

Кирило Олегович Розсоха, Yaroslav Mydryi National Law University

Assistant Professor of the Department of Judiciary and Prosecutor's activity


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