Violation of the order of operations with scrap metal: problems of criminal liability




scrap metal, violation of the procedure established for operations, criminal responsibility


The article is focused on finding out the consequences of legislative reforms in the investigated sphere and reviewing the problematic issues of prosecution for violations of the procedure for the implementation of operations with scrap metal. The composition of the criminal offense provided in Article 213 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine was investigated, and significant limitations of the current version of the aforecited article were identified.

The problem of inconsistency of criminal and economic legislation in this area has been highlighted. The article examines the economic and legal parameters of legal transactions with scrap metal. Also, the article draws attention to the fact that the distinctive feature of Article 213 of the Criminal Code is a referential nature of the disposition since the very procedure for the execution of scrap transactions is regulated by some normative legal acts of economic legislation.

The judicial practice of prosecution for violation of the procedure for carrying out operations with scrap metal has been investigated, and ways of modernization and improvement of the current legislation in the investigated sphere have been suggested. The article is examining the practice of imposing punishment for violation of the order of operations with scrap metal. The author has proved that in the vast majority of cases, the consequences of the investigated crime are expressed in the form of law abuse by law enforcement agencies, corruption components, and unlawful (non-law-based/not based on law) sentencing.

The article concluded that the legislator has to revise and change the approach to criminal liability for violations of the operation of scrap metal transactions given the current trends of deregulation policy in the field of economic activity, and courts must ensure compliance with the general principles of criminal proceedings and adopt legitimate, substantiated and motivated verdicts. Conclusions and recommendations are based on the study of normative legal acts and the analysis of judicial practice in this area.

Author Biography

Артем Романович Шимко, Poltava Law Institute of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Lawyer, PhD in Law, Teaching Assistant of Department of Civil


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