Suicide as a criminological appearance: causes and ways of prevention

Олена Вікторівна Ткачова


The article analyzes the causes of suicide as a criminological phenomenon. It is stated that it is statistically stable, its prevalence correlates with cultural-historical, ethnic, socio-economic and other aspects. Thus, considering suicide in the context of the dominant concepts in society about the essence of life and death, freedom of choice, morality, etc., that is, from the point of view of criminology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, general reasons can be recognized: 1) actually social (they include property inequality people, as well as contradictions in the national, class, executed, caste, professional and many other features); 2) economic. At the specially-criminological level, it is appropriate to classify the causes of committing suicide according to their place of origin or accumulation, because they are common to certain groups of people, united on different grounds artificially (by principle and method of group formation) or naturally (on the basis of joint activity provided awareness of their belonging to this group). For this reason, the following are divided into: 1) family, among them above all, it should be called violence, humiliation, exploitation in the family, etc.; 2) collegial, that is, those that arise in a collective formed by the type of employment in a society, first of all it refers to underestimation, neglect, aggression, humiliation, etc.; 3) group (in particular, it is about interest groups; in this case they are deprivation of the possibility of self-expression, indifference, loneliness, etc., (b) groups on other grounds (age, profession, subculture, sexual orientation, etc.) It should be noted separately that such groups as (c) friends, comrades (very confident, close, frank relationship between them), among the reasons most often indicated betrayal, loss.


suicide; causes of suicide; classification; criminological phenomenon; special-criminological level; committing suicide


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