Forensic psychological preconditions for forming a system for counteraction to the crimes against justice, committed by judges

Михайло Валерійович Шепітько


A study of the legal and psychological prerequisites for forming a system for counteraction to crimes against justice has been carried out. Such an approach allows not only to effectively investigate crimes against justice and properly qualify the committed socially dangerous acts, but also to neutralize or minimize the possibility of committing crimes against justice. Therefore, studies of the emotional condition and complex volitional acts of participants in the proceedings were necessary for the purposes of this paper.

During the research, author is paid attention that judge in the period, when he/she make decision in the case, we could find signs of unprofessional activity – inattentiveness, superficiality, ignorance, fatigue, fear, which may affect the adoption of an erroneous decision. In order to establish whether such a decision was unlawful or false, it is necessary to establish the extent to which such a decision was a conscious judge, which the judge wanted to reach by such a decision. The return to a complex volitional act committed by a judge requires the implementation of a retrospective immersion into experience, accompanied by a court decision. Such an approach can be applied to the activities of other participants in the proceedings, but due to additional analysis of their procedural and / or professional status.


crimes against justice, counteraction to crimes against justice, emotion, emotional condition, motive, motivation, participant of court (criminal) proceedings


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