The Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements in Civil Cases in the Context of Practice of European Court of Human Rights

Тетяна Андріївна Цувіна


The article addresses recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in civil cases in the context of the practice of European Court of Human Rights. The conclusion is made, that European Court of Human Rights analyzes institute of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements through such procedural rights as right to a fair trial (art. 6 ECHR) and right to an effective remedy (art. 13 ECHR) as long as such substantive conventional rights as right to protection pf property (art. 1 of the First Protocol to ECHR) and right to respect for private and family life (art. 8 ECHR).

It is considered that the main article through which this institute should be analyzed is art. 6 ECHR containing procedural guaranties of fair trial. According to the art. 13 ECHR the effective remedies of protection of the right to a fair trial in reasonable time should be provided at national level. Moreover reforms of this sphere of judicial practice should be done in accordance with art. 8 ECHR and art. 1 of the First Protocol to ECHR which provide specific substantive rights. All of the above mentioned aspects are analyzed in detail.


recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements; right to a fair trial; Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; European Court of Human Rights; enforcement of court judgements in civil cases


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