Law policy of European Union in the sphere of water conservation




European Union’s water policy, water conservation, EU water legislation


In the light of such foreign policy goal as accession to the EU there was arised a need to thorough research of European Union’s water policy and legislation with the view of its adaptation to the national legislation.

The basic issues of European Union’s water policy in water conservation were considered in this paper. During the three legislative waves a number of directives and decisions were made which pointed out: environmental standards of water quality for specific types of water and emission limit values; strict rules for the disposal of sewage and usage of nitrates in agriculture; regulations for prevention of subsoil water pollution from agricultural waste; protection of the marine environment; potable water standards and the like.

For the purpose of concentration, rationalization, standardization and improvement of the European law effectiveness in the sphere of water protection Water Framework Directive was developed, which provided for multifaceted approach to effective water resources management at EU level, harmonized legal and institutional system, public participation and integrated water resources management. Herein directive became a framework for further legislative activity, nullified the antiquated laws and co-operated elements and obligations of other regulatory acts, such as directives deals with municipal sewage treatment and monitoring the usage of nitrates in agriculture. The rules were prescribed by Water Framework Directive focused on: 1) water protection (groundwater, surface, inland and transitional waters); 2) ecosystem restoration of water bodies; 3) pollution abatement of waters; 4) sustainable use of waters by individuals and enterprises.

Author Biography

Марина Костянтинівна Черкашина, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

PhD in Law, Docent, associate professor of the Environmental Law department


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