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An important branch of agriculture is livestock breeding, which produces not only foodstuffs that are irreplaceable for human diet, but also provides industry with various types of agricultural raw materials.

In agrarian legal science, there are separate studies on general legal issues in the organization and management of livestock breeding, as well as in the legal support of the functioning of certain of its spheres, sub-sectors. However, the characteristics of the legal regulation of livestock breeding based on the acts of the latest domestic legislation has not yet been implemented.

The main purpose of this publication is a systematic analysis of the current legislation of Ukraine on the organization and implementation of livestock breeding in order to distinguish its characteristic features and to make proposals for the improvement of this legislation.

Legislation of Ukraine regulating relations in the field of livestock breeding is rather branched out. The review carried out allows us to conclude that the legislation on livestock breeding contains in its composition legal acts of various legal force, in particular, both laws and sub-laws. Their regulations impose various types of social relations, as some of them concern the functioning of entire subsectors of livestock breeding (beekeeping, fish farming), while others only produce certain types of livestock products (milk and dairy products, organic livestock products) or certain spheres of industry activity livestock breeding (breeding animal husbandry).

As a part of the agrarian law of Ukraine, there is an independent group of legal norms that regulates relations with the organization of livestock, that is, a legal institute of livestock breeding, which is part of a special part of the field of agrarian law, has developed. The standards of this institute will continue to accumulate, for example, for a long time there are discussions about the Law of Ukraine “On meat and meat products”, the draft of which has been repeatedly considered by the Parliament of Ukraine.

Author Biography

Віталій Юрійович Уркевич, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Doctor of Law, Full Professor of the Department of Land and Agricultural Law


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