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The Founder and Publisher – Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University is self-governing (autonomous) state higher law educational establishment of IV level of accreditation.

The history of the University has begun since XIX century, on November 17 1804 the Kharkiv Empire University was established by the order of Alexander I and the ethics and political department was part of it. In 1835 it was officially renamed as the Law department of University.

In 1920 by the decision of the government of Ukraine the Institute of National Economy was established on the basis of the Kharkiv University law faculty. It was the basis of the Law Institute which trained lawyers for state and economic bodies.

In 1930 The Institute of National Economy got the title as the Institute of Soviet Construction and Law, it was up to the mark of it’s status as higher law educational establishment. On May 1933 the Institute was renamed on the Ukrainian Communist Institute of Soviet Construction and Law. For the purpose of improvement of training lawyers it was rearranged in the Kharkiv Law Institute in 1937.

In accordance with the resolution of Rada of Ministers of Ukraine from March 20, 1991 the Kharkiv Law Institute was rearranged in the National Law Academy of Ukraine. Under the president’s decree from March 30, 1995 No. 267 the Academy got the status of the national self-governed (autonomous) state higher educational establishment and by decree from November 4, 1995 the name of Yaroslav the Wise was given. In accordance with the decree of the president of Ukraine No. 457 from May 21, 2001  «The question of Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine», recognizing its considerable role in training specialists for bodies of state authorities, law enforcement organs, various fields of law practice, considering the necessity of keeping and further development of generated scientific schools in the University , it was given additional rights with the approval of statute by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In accordance with the decree of the president of Ukraine No. 1194/2010 of December, 24, 2010 and the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 2213-p of December 8, 2010, Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine was renamed into National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine» .

In accordance with the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1697 dated December 04, 2013 National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine» was renamed into Yaroslav the Wise National Law University.

The University has significant research and educational potential. Teaching, research and tutorial work are realized by 40 chairs where about 700 lecturers work. Among them 105 doctors of laws, professors, about 500 candidates of science, associate professors; 1 Hero of Ukraine; 1 Member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine; 17 Members of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine; 17 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine; 20 Honoured Science and Technology Workers; 14 Honoured Public Education Workers of Ukraine; 15 Honoured Lawyers of Ukraine; 10 Honoured Professors – Fathers of the The  Yaroslav the Wise National Law University; 11 the State prize winners.

Today about 14 thousand students study at the University. There are such educational structural departments as: The Institute of training workers for Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, the Institute of training legal personnel for Security Service of Ukraine, Personnel Training Institute for the Bodies of Justice of Ukraine, the Institute of raising the level of professional skills, 6 day-time faculties, 2 correspondence departments, evening faculty and separated structural subdivision the Poltava Law Institute. At the University the research work concerning fundamental and applied problems of jurisprudence is fulfilled, 17 objective complex programmes on four scientific directions are being developed, famous scientific schools which are known in Ukraine and abroad have been formed.

The University makes the major contribution to formation of legal country, updating of law making and law enforcement processes. The scholars took direct participation in making of valid Constitution of Ukraine and others rules and regulations. In the field of law making process the cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Secretariat of the President, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, ministers and departments, bodies of local government is uphold. The scholars of the Academy actively impact on practice of using legislation. Many of them are consultants, members of consultative councils of the Supreme Court, Higher Economic Court, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Interior, Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine and others.

The University takes the leading position in legal education. Achievements University nagazhdeny-winning international and national levels. For example, by the Nomination Committee of the European Business Assembly (Oxford, UK) it is presented to the International award «Best Enterprise of Europe» with the presentation of an international certificate. Only in the years 2014-2015 the University received at the V International exhibition-presentation «Modern educational institution – 2014» award «Leader of higher education in Ukraine», at the National Exhibition-presentation «Innovation in modern education» – the diploma of the winner of the contest of I degree in the category «Innovative teaching methods, programs, projects and solutions for introduction into the education system», at the VI International Exhibition «Modern education-2015» – Grand Prix «Leader of scientific and technical activities» and a gold medal in the category «Innovation in the development of international cooperation and the presentation of national education in the world and European educational and scientific space» and others.

The University has wide international connections. It enters into cooperation and signs agreements with educational establishments of Great Britain, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, France and other countries. It is a participant of joint European projects in the network of programme  «Tempus-Tasis»  and many other international projects.

On September 18, 2004 the University signed the Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna).

On December 14, 2007 the University became the member of the European Association of Universities.

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

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